Mistress Cordelia

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I am a serious hands-on Mistress and I love fetish equipment, furniture and new novelties to test and use on my subs. I also love fetish clothing, rubber, leatherwear, boots and shoes. I do not expect gifts, but if you wish to please me and bring a smile to my face I LOVE real fully fashioned rht seamed nylons in black and tan in medium size. I also thoroughly appreciate interesting toys, implements and bits of kit to add to my large collection.

Head Trips
Large selection of rubber and leather hoods incl. breather, w/s and heavy sensory deprivation. Various gas masks incl. enis gas mask, aroma delivery mask, anaesthetic, re-breather.
Various blindfolds and eye-masks.
Head harnesses incl. Bishop's and suspension.
Gags: Very large collection of ball, bit, dog-bone, butterfly/pump-up, penis, tongue, ring, spider, w/s and dental Whitehead & Jennings.

2 Fetters leather body bags large & X-large, Fetters rubber body bag.
Staightjacket, arm-binder, large selection of quality bondage gear incl. Thigh & Corset hand cuffs, leg spreader, padded wrist and ankle cuffs, hog-tie, selection of metal hand-cuffs incl genuine police and lots of soft bondage rope.
Suspension: Fetters soft ankle cuffs, Master-u cuffs, head suspension harness, multi-position metal frame, strap harness for vertical, horizontal and inverted suspension, 2 straps cages, 12 point sling and parachute type sit sling.


Nipple torture
Clamps of all kinds ie clover, weighted/chained, tweezer, presses, light/heavy,breast pumps and sterile micro-lance needles for CBT and N/T.

Anal toys
Dildo's/vibrators and butt-plugs from small to huge, various strap-on harnesses, fists and electro butt-plugs and Monkey rocker fuck m/c.
Anal cleaning/Enemas/Medical
Large selection of enemas ie rubber bag, gravity feed, rubber douche bulb, fountain, disposables: fleet/micro-lax.
Anal retention enema/catheter

Van Buren and Dittel sounds, Foley catheters, procterscope, speculum,Micro-lance needles, genuine pharmaceutical 'aromas' and various masks and delivery systems.
Venus 2000 male masturbation/milking machine

Eros-teks ET312 x 2 plus Erostek remote stim unit. 2 sets of violet wands, PES, EMS
Folsom CBT board
Large selection of electro-stim attachments incl. butt-plugs- small to large, nipple clamps, catheter/sound, pinwheel, gloves, vaginal and various cock and ball bands/rings/sheaths and attachments.

Many types of devices incl. presses, clips, pegs, clamps, weights, candles, muscle analgaesic, pin-wheels, heavy mace-wheel, pinchers, stretchers, humbler, parachutes and restraints. Plus large field of nettles near to my studio!



Huge collection of impact implements including tawses, canes: incl dragon, kooboo loontie, crook/staight, 'brat' to Singapore, paddles (wooden, leather, rubber), straps, cats, whips, floggers, equestrian, birches, and not forgetting my hand!

Large collection of wigs, heels, lingerie/fetish clothing and make-up.

Tall padded Isolation/Voyeur/grope-box/prison cell with multi internal bondage straps/points and strategic sliding hatches.
Inescapable long steel sleeper cage with optional padded top/bottom (if you are lucky).
White hydraulic Medical Ob/Gyn bondage couch with stirrups and straps.
Mistress/bondage throne with straps and hooks.
Toilet box - bespoke perspex with clear funnel & seat.
Height-adjustable bondage cross.
Very high ceiling & single point suspension rig with worm winch, suspension bars and assorted Fetters steel frames, harnesses,cages,slings.
Fetters strap-on/whipping bench with head recess.
Caning stool.
Monkey rocker joy rider fucking machine.


A Passage way leading to Room 2 containing Tall gothic iron prison cage in lockable cell.

Bondage/trample bed with overhead gantry, multi-bondage points plus 12-point sling, worm-winch suspension and strap-cage.
Restrictive solitary confinement padded isolation chamber with shackle plates.
Vintage hydraulic dentists chair.
Inversion rack/table.


Important: all metal equipment is autoclaved and remainder is cold-sterilized.  All surfaces are kept hygenic and clean plus all washable clothing is laundered straight after use.  Disposable gloves, needles and catheters are used on each sub and condoms on toys and gags where possible then sterilized.
I often spend as long sterilizing as I do sessioning to ensure it is done correctly!